Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Work out with Haddie Mac

Having a hard time finding time for exercise and planning meals to eat healthy now that you have children? Include them! They will love it, and so will you! The envy girls, Haddie Mac and Rachel have some kicking new workout clothes to make it all fun.

No matter the age, there is time to “work out”, or just have some fun with them. This accomplishes so many things, teaching them good lifestyle habits, healthy eating, and you can both be super cute while doing it! It is important for your children for YOU to stay healthy, so a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority, for all of your family. Begin by finding fun activities to participate in together.

For infants and toddlers, load them up in the stroller and go for a brisk walk each day. It is great exercise for us, and they will love the outdoor time. Alternate days with a back carrier, adding weight to your walk will burn even more calories. Visit the park and push them on the swing, you will get nothing but smiles from this one! Adding a carrier on your bicycle is great exercise, and again, no arguments from the back seat! For rainy days, load up a dance DVD and dance the afternoon away. Toddlers love to dance, and will look forward to dance days with Mommy!

For school age children, try skating or rollerblading together. Challenge your son or daughter to a monkey bar contest. Come on, it has not been that long! Plan bike rides for Saturdays, strap on a picnic basket and enjoy the outdoors. Ask kids to time you, or count reps. That will entertain them for sure, and may help motivate you at the same time. Put on swimsuits and get in the pool with them, treading water or walking in the shallow end while they enjoy the afternoon splashing away. Pull out the dance videos on a rainy day, what grade school child does not like to see their mom be silly? Exercise DVD's may work as well. Have a contest to see who can climb the stairs the most times, or the fastest. School age children will love to help cook as well. Exposing them to healthy eating early, and including them in the prep will lead to a lifetime of enjoying healthier foods.

Teenagers may enjoy a fun run, and training for it, holding each other accountable. If they feel like part of a “team”, they will hold you accountable as well, which some days may be a good thing! Now they are old enough to go to the gym, so go as a family. Consider playing tennis or basketball together. Walk after dinner each night to catch up on everyone’s day and activities. Work in the yard together on Saturdays. Someday they will have their own yard, they can be learning now how to take care of it. Besides, they may find a new love! Encourage teenagers to plan and prepare a healthy meal once each week for the family. Who knows? They may be able to introduce you to new foods!

Spending time with your children is nothing but positive. Communication stays open, everyone is healthier, and they may discover something new they love to do! They are learning to live a healthy lifestyle from the beginning, so no need to adapt later.

ENVY’s new Haddie Mac line has something for everyone! What a fun way to make workouts more enjoyable. You and your daughter will surely be motivated to get moving when you both look and feel great going out to run, or sign up for that new yoga class. After all, who does not feel better when they are dressed bright and beautiful? Somehow a pretty, splashy outfit already makes us feel more energetic. Come in and meet Haddie Mac and see her new colorful workout line today.

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