Monday, March 24, 2014

Benefits of envy boutique shopping...

Personalized customer service, edgy styles, unique pieces and unexpectedly affordable prices – all benefits typical of boutique shopping with envy.  These are also the attributes that earned my loyalty as a boutique shopper and inspired what is envy today! Our boutique is for all women who want an enjoyable shopping experience. Those of us who live in and near Huntsville are fortunate to have many locally owned boutiques offering a plethora of designers, styles and accessories…and envy is happy to have been among the mix for nearly a decade!

“Boutique” should not conjure thoughts of “expensive”, “twenty-something’s” or “for runway models only”.  Times have changed and boutique shopping is a better option than ever before! The envy girls are trained to be a personal stylist; skilled on sizing, body shapes, trends, and matching the perfect outfit for all ages and sizes. So, not only do you get affordable, unique pieces…but you also get unparalleled customer service. Have I mentioned front door parking yet? This is by far one of my favorite perks of boutique shopping!

Have you ever seen “your” outfit on someone else? You can be confident that is unlikely to happen if you shop at envy. Not only do we have small quantities of each item, but, our envy girls get to know every customer that comes in the door and we keep track of what dress leaves with whom. Large mega-stores just can’t offer that kind of specialty service.

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Want to hear a secret? You rarely see boutiques offering big sales every weekend because most boutiques already give you the benefit of the doubt and offer great values from the start. Envy is one of those boutiques…we search long and hard to find the best possible prices on our end to make sure our customers are getting the best prices. Guess what? When our vendors give us a discount on product, we pass that along to you instead of marking it at the pre-discounted price! Can you think of any large chain store that would do that for their customers? Here at envy we are all about giving our customers the best service, prices, and product we possibly can.

The last unique thing about local boutique shopping is that it stimulates YOUR local economy! Not only are you getting exclusive, fabulous finds at great prices, you are helping the city that you love and live in. Why go to Birmingham, Atlanta or Nashville to shop for something available right here in Huntsville.

As a final closing note, I would like to share a quote from one of our favorite books dedicated to the art of being female, “A friendly local shop will soothe your troubled soul in a way that an impersonal hypermarket can never dream of.” Kindersley, Tania (2010) Backwards in High Heels. Philadelphia, PA: Running Press. So, take it from me…a girl who learned at a very young age, once you go boutique you won’t ever go back to your old shopping ways!

Rachel MacNealy Wesson, graduate cum laude 
The Art Institute of Atlanta 
Fashion and Retail Management
co-owner envy boutique in Huntsville.

ENVY Boutique is located at 617 Meridian Street, Huntsville, Alabama 35801. Envy has been serving Huntsville's fashion needs for over 6 years and is proud to now be offering fabulous product to women and juniors around the country. Envy offers over 40 exclusive brands, including the 'ENVY label'. Experience our 6 year proven unparalleled customer service and shopping at its finest, without breaking your bank account!

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